If you are looking for the premier moving company in Bloomfield, NJ you are in luck. We offer the best prices and quality in town. Call (888) 335-9055 for a free estimate. Our services include long & short distance as well as residential & commercial moving services. We are also experienced piano movers. We are the company you can trust for all your storage and transport needs.

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Local moving

If you’re thinking about making a local move this year around the New Jersey area let Bloomfield Movers handle things for you. We’ve got you covered as our range of services include packing and go all the way to moving and storing, Bloomfield Movers handle everything for you and make your local moving plans finish quickly and easily.

Long Distance

Everybody has their own personal preferences and will go about moving differently, especially when we’re talking about long distance moving. When you work with Bloomfield Movers our first step is to understand your needs and discuss expectations. We will provide you various options that are within your budget and fit neatly in your schedule. From van lines all the way to container shipping, Bloomfield Movers will work around obstacles tocomplete your move for you.


Interstate moving is a different ballgame from regular moves. Moving companies need proper authorization to properly operate out of state. Unauthorized movers are usually impounded regardless of what their shipment. Don’t be a victim! Look for a reliable company to make sure your belongings arrive safely and on time.

Bloomfield Movers is an authorized and properly insured moving company that will take care of your belongings with the utmost care and professionalism commonly expected from big name brands.


Thorough planning and good organization is the key to successful commercial moves. Even a small loss in a shipment can have disastrous consequences for any commercial move. Bloomfield Movers are aware that each commercial move is different and we make plans
or every phase of the move to cover all your needs.


Moving is a complex and tiresome process that can take a long time. Bloomfield Movers offers a wide array of services that covers all steps of the moving process. We’ll handle everything so you can focus on looking forward.

Office Relocation

An office move has more at stake than regular moves and even small errors can lead to big problems. Bloomfield Movers has experience in moving companies of all sizes ranging from businesses to large corporations. Our tried and true labelling system ensures everything stays organized all the way through. We make plans alongside you and study your floor plans to move everything efficiently so everyone can get back to work with minimal delays.

Art & Antique

Moving and handling art pieces, antiques, or valuable collections will need more care and finesse than moving furniture and boxes. Bloomfield Movers values your treasured belongings and regularly handles challenging moves involving different fragile objects making sure they arrive in the safely and on time.

Piano Moving

Pianos are big, cumbersome, awkward, and can be expensive. Lifting and maneuvering them on staircases and within is very difficult and can lead to damages on the piano, it’s surrounding environment, or to the ones lifting it. Bloomfield Movers is properly equipped to move pianos and can secure them properly for moving to their new location. Our experienced team has done challenging moves and always provide the best service.